NOTE: THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED! THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IS ALIVE AND WELL. I NEED TO GET THIS PAGE UPDATED THOUGH... Please send me a mail if you have any questions on the association in the meantime.

Onteora Alumni Association 2015 Dues Form


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Theodore Roosevelt Council, BSA
Onteora Alumni Association (OAA)

Following the successful Reunion Weekend in 2001, the long-awaited formation of the Onteora Alumni Association is finally here. Sponsored by the Council, this group offers all friends of Onteora an opportunity to support the camp as it re-opens to new generations of Scouts.

Membership Type Dues*
Individual - Basic (under 21 years of age) $10
Individual - Basic (21 plus years of age) $25
Individual - Silver $50
Individual - Gold $100
Individual  - Platinum $200
Corporate $100
Millennium Member Onteora Millennium Society $1000

*Dues are per calendar year. Subject to change, when approved by the Advisory Board.

Click here for the 2008 membership application (Adobe PDF format)

Click here for the Onteora Alumni Association Bylaws

Onteora Alumni Association Newsletters

Vol 1 No 1 - October 2001
Vol 1 No 2 - March 2002

Vol 2 - No 1 - March 2003

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Onteora Alumni Association members receive the following items:

Patch with rocker strip for Charter Members - 2003

2003 Membership Patch

Membership certificate

Membership card

2003 Neckerchief
(Gold Level and above members)
Past membership items:

Patch with rocker strip for Charter Members - 2002

2002 Membership Patch

2002 Neckerchief

Theodore Roosevelt Council, BSA
Onteora Alumni Association (OAA)

Members as of 7/12/02

Adams, L. Robert
Anderson, Eric
Ansbacher, Jonathan
Bagan, Christopher
Bagan, Ronald
Balla, Rick P.
Barkstedt, David
Barkstedt, Eileen
Bauman, Wayne
Blaushild, David
Bottenhofer, William
Brophy, Mark J.
Brucia, Tom
Calabrese, Anthony
Carioscia, Jr., Peter
Cotter, Bill
Courtlangus, Robert E.
Davis, Doug
DelPietro, Michele
Desmond, John
Dolan, Edward G.
Ehl, Al
Ely, David
Fisher, Dave
Fowler, John
Fredericks, Joe
Furness, Greg
Fusco, Peter
Gabbard, Glenn
Ganshaw, Christopher
Garvey, Joan & John
Gerace, Dave
Gherlone, John
Giacalone, Vincent
Graham, Billy
Greubel, Sr., Glenn J.
Guarino, Faun
Guarino, Ian
Guarino, Ken
Gullans, Carl
Herman, Stephen R.
Issing, Brian D.
Johns, Andy
Kampfer, Elizabeth
Kane, Thomas R.
Kent, James D.
Kirsch, Steven A.
Kroll, Steven
Kusnitz, M.D., Jonathan S.
Lagas, Paul J.
Laratondo, Joe
Lerch, Thomas
Maher, Chris
Maron, Willilam
Marzano, M.D., Patrick
McCarthy, John
McDermott, John
McInnis, Michael
McLaughlin, Edward
McMillan, Trip
McNamara, Paul
McNulty, James C.
Meyer, Frederick J.
Miller, Sidney
Miller, Stephen R.
Morgan, David T.
Morgan, Kenneth J.
Moriarity, John A.
Morse, Robert K.
Muellers, Ted
O'Ferrall, Robert
Olson, Wayne M.
Paprocki, Edward J.
Parente, Matthew
Parente, Nancy
Pollack, Bob
Quaranta, Arnold T.
Reiter, Ira S.
Robinson,, Jr., Edward
Rosenstein, Amos
Rosenstein, Dwight
Rosenstein, Ruth
Ryan, Marc J.
Sadler, Chuck
Sadowski, John
Sannerud, Jim
Schenk, Edward J.
Schroeder, John
Sherman, Robert
Shull, Stephen
Siana, Robert M.
Steiner, Mark J.
Steiner, Matthew G.
Stolzenberg, Barry
Swantek, Alan
Taylor, Christopher
Throop, William H.
Tolkach, Andrew
Turner, Anthony
Vaiana, Garry
VanTassell, James L.
Varonier, Victor
Weickert, Jr., John
Wieczkowski, Christopher
Wildung, Garreett
Wynee, Keith