After the parade ended the float was displayed along with all of the others at the end of the route for two days, then it was shown in Burbank for the rest of the week so the local residents could see it up close. Garry Marshall and his son weren't there, but we would fire it up so the recorded music and animation were both working.

Float on display

It's usually pretty cool this time of year so the flowers still looked good a few days after the parade. The float was parked near the infamous Beautiful Downtown Burbank so a lot of people stopped by for a close-up look.

Bill on the float

Well, after 20 years or so in the business, I finally got to be a director!

Carol on the float

Carol also had some fun as we spent a few last minutes with the float.

After the public display was over the float went back to the barn and was taken apart. All was not lost, however. Remember the horse I liked so much? He would make a return for the following year - and so would we!

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the project. Have a question or spot a mistake? Please contact me.

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