Philmont 1967 - Trip Calendar

You can either follow along with the journey by going from day to day by using the links on each page, or you can jump right to any individual day by using the links below:

Day 1 7/29/67Long Island to Niagara Falls, New York
Day 2 7/30/67Niagara Falls, New York to Battle Creek, Michigan
Day 3 7/31/67Battle Creek, Michigan to Madison, Wisconsin
Day 4 8/1/67Madison, Wisconsin to Moorhead, Minnesota
Day 5 8/2/67 Moorhead, Minnesota to Dickinson, North Dakota
Day 6 8/3/67Dickinson, North Dakota to Great Falls, Montana
Day 7 8/4/67 Great Falls, Montana
Day 8 8/5/67Great Falls, Montana to Wallace, Idaho
Day 9 8/6/6712th World Jamboree, Farragut State Park, Idaho
Day 10 8/7/67Wallace, Idaho to Yellowstone National Park
Day 11 8/8/67Yellowstone National Park to Laramie, Wyoming
Day 12 8/9/67Laramie, Wyoming to Colorado Springs, Colorado
Day 13 8/10/67Colorado Springs, Colorado to Philmont Base Camp
Day 14 8/11/67Philmont Base Camp to Four-Mile Gate Camp
Day 15 8/12/67Four-Mile Gate Camp to New Dean Camp
Day 16 8/13/67New Dean Camp
Day 17 8/14/67New Dean Camp to Head of Dean Camp
Day 18 8/15/67Head of Dean Camp to Miranda Camp
Day 19 8/16/67Miranda Camp to Copper Park Camp
Day 20 8/17/67Copper Park Camp
Day 21 8/18/67Copper Park Camp to Pueblano Camp
Day 22 8/19/67 Pueblano Camp to Ponil Camp
Day 23 8/20/67Ponil Camp to Indian Writings Camp
Day 24 8/21/67Indian Writings Camp to Philmont Base Camp
Day 25 8/22/67Philmont Base Camp to La Junta, New Mexico
Day 26 8/23/67La Junta, New Mexico to Manhattan, Kansas
Day 27 8/24/67Manhattan, Kansas to St. Louis, Missouri
Day 28 8/25/67St. Louis, Missouri to Columbus, Ohio
Day 29 8/26/67Columbus, Ohio to Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Day 30 8/27/67Carlisle, Pennsylvania to Roslyn, Long Island