Day 28 - Friday, 8/25/67

St. Louis, Missouri to Columbus, Ohio

Here's the official schedule for the day:

6:00   BREAKFAST YMCA St. Louis
6:45   LEAVE St. Louis via Rte 40(70)
Noon? 171 miles REST Terre Haute, Ind.
1:00 71 miles ARRIVE Indianapolis via US40 (70) detour to Speedway if time permissible. Via US 40 to Columbus
    REST AREA Chose own
6:00 121 miles ARRIVE Columbus, Ohio YMCA

From my journal of 1967:

Ate at WMCA. Drove straight to Columbus, Ohio. At night watched TV, told jokes. Some went out on town - Turtle & I stayed and played with elevators & went swimming. Showers at night.

Another long day and more fun with the elevators. By now I had just about run out of either film or money to buy more, so there's hardly any pictures at all of the final days on the road. Turtle, by the way, was Tom Gavin. Everyone in the crew, with one exception, had a nickname. Here's the list:

Patrol Leader: Charles "Chuck" Berenson
Assistant Patrol Leader: Bob "Toad" Spencer
Quartermaster: Bill "Doc" Cotter
Spencer "Sparky" Bell
Jim "Monkey" Cotter
Tom "Turtle" Gavin
Cory "Cute Mug" Morganstern
Bob "Truth or Consequences" Barker
Tom "Andy" Anderberg
Doug Hobbs - I wonder how he escaped getting a nickname?

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