Day 4 - Tuesday, 8/1/67

Madison, Wisconsin to Moorhead, Minnesota

Here's the official schedule for the day:

7:00   BREAKFAST Camp McCoy, Bldg. 1753
8:00   LEAVE McCoy pick up Rte. 12 to Eau Claire Rest Stop
  169 miles TAKE By-pass around St. Paul, pick up rte. 10 out of St. Cloud, Minn.
2:00 57 miles LUNCH or Rest stop (Call Concordia College)
Take Rte. 10 out of St. Cloud via Little Falls, Motley and Wadena
4:00 88 miles REST STOP: via Perham - Detroit Lakes - to Moorhead
6:00 95 miles ARRIVE: Livedalen Hall
7:00  SUPPER: Sveden House Restaurant
EVENING ACTIVITIES: Laundry, tour college
  Total miles:

From my journal of 1967:

Ate at Camp McCoy. Left early. Passed into Minnesota and crossed Mississippi River in afternoon. Had "River Crossers" ceremony. Passed through St. Paul. Stopped for lunch at St. Cloud. Stayed at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., near the Minn.-North Dakota border. We went to the movies and saw "Hawaii", which was very good, after eating in Sveden House.
I await the ceremonial mud

I await the ceremonial mud

The main point of this day was the river crossing ceremony. Lucky travelers like me who were crossing the Mississippi River for the first time were inducted into some sort of mystical order dreamed up by our leaders. The impressive ceremony primarily consisted of smearing mud from the banks of the river on our foreheads. That's Harold Snedeker ready to initiate me into the order.

Somewhere in Minnesota

Somewhere in Minnesota

Front: Cory Morganstern, Tom Gavin

Middle: Spencer Bell, Jim Cotter

Rear: Unknown, Irwin Keyes

SMore intrepid travelers

More intrepid travelers

Front: Bob Spencer, Bob Barker

Rear: Charlie Berenson, Bill Cotter

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